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We perceive construction processes like nobody else


We are the market leader in the execution of films from the construction by use technique of Time Lapse  therefore we set standards and others follow us. We use the technique of Time Lapse, to them we use shots from the air, documentaries of the construction site or 3D postproduction and therefore we create the most spectacular films. We look after that every second take your breath away, pay your attention and make you feel positive emotion.

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    Nowe Centrum Łodzi
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    Creuzet Polska
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    Generation Park
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Heavy Transport

2017-09-18: 3 days on the river 2 days on the road and several at the factory it self. So much time we spent on material for a film which shows the transport of a huge cylinder from Gdansk to Ciechanow. The culmination of the process was the installation of the "dryer" in the target site. The film from this project is already available in portfolio of Megatransports


Amica High Bay

2017-09-18: On 8 September, the official opening of the Amica High Bay Warehouse in Wronki took place. Height of over 46 meters and an area of 6.5 thousand square meters make it the highest warehouse in Poland and one of the highest in Europe. Are you curious how these constructions are created ? We invite you to the construction film which we have made from this investment of High Bay Warehouse


New Center of Lodz

2017-08-11: The construction of the New Center of Łodz took off. Two skyscrapers around which there is a green area which is  available to everyone . In this way the new investment is presented which is realized by Skanska Property. We invite everyone to follow the progress of their work thanks to our online camera


Creuzet Poland

2017-06-22: Creuzet Poland is the third company from the aviation industry for which we make a construction film. The factory is being built in the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park in Dworzysk. Construction works should end in the fourth quarter of this year.


Maraton - Poznan

2017-06-07: The official opening of the Maraton took place on 24-05-2017. Maraton has 25 thousand sqm. The area is almost entirely leased by operators in the business services sector. The film how the Maraton was built, can already be seen in our Portfolio


Megatransports :  Gdansk - Ciechanow

2017-04-30:  This time for almost a week we accompanied the transport of cargo from Gdansk to Ciechanow. First three days witch barge to Plock and then after the trans-shipment "on wheels" the transport moved to Ciechanow. The whole implementation will be available in a few weeks and you can now see the announcement of what happened during those few days at Megatransports


Tesco - Distribution Center

2017-04-27: Segro's investment for Tesco has just finished. Day by day, hour after hour, minute after minute Vinci Systems recorded progress on construction site. A film from the construction of the investment "Tesco Distribution Center" you can see in the chronicle which is already available in our Portfolio.


80 Megapixels Timelapse

2017-03-15: Forget about 4K we have for you System Vinci systems that offers source material in resolution to 10K thank to Phase One IQ180. 10K is no less than 80 Mpx. (For imaging the 4K camera is only 8 Mpx)



2017-03-02: After a short break we move on with other projects. This time we are realizing the construction chronicle for Canexpol. A general contractor is Skanska S.A.  The construction will take about 7 months and it will be a production hall.

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