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People love images

a few words about the real estate marketing and timelapse technology ! Nowadays the real estate market is growing very rapidly. There are many beautiful office buildings, residential areas, fantastic investments that create a modern image of cities.

As an investor how can you to stand out from competitors? Helpfull may be the magic phrase "real estate marketing". Real estate marketing is nothing but a particular investment promotion through various media. Research shows that consumers choose the product by the appearance of the packaging. So the question arises how to "give" specific investment on a plate to look like an appetizing piece of the pie. Current technology allows us to capture beautiful, scenic photos, both static and video materials, so we are able to create time-lapse movies showing certain steps, such as the time of year, time of day, blooming bud of a flower or construction of the investment. Thanks to this, longterm(one-year) investment, can be presented in three minutes. This is the time lapse technique. We are convinced that it allows not only to make accurate documentation of the construction, but also acts as a brilliant marketing tool to distinguish you from competitors, in addition it provides a great promotion of  the city.


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