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The New Year, a new step

New Year is a time of  resolutions and the achievement of the aims. In our company, it is a time of significant changes. We are pleased to present a new image of the Qwor. Rebranding was successful !

The projects of a new logo and website were created by a team of graphic designers, and the effects can be admired from 20th of January. It was decided that new website must be  minimal, clean and intuitive. What distinguish ourselves  is our portfolio. The idea was to create an unique logo sign - which is also a name and will always be clearly associated with the company and its philosophy. Many of people wonder where the name of the company come from and what it means for us. Qwor is the name of a celestial body ... Astronomers didn't know if qualify it as a planet or asteroid. It has almost all the features of the planet. Scientists had a dilemma what to do with this situation. Finally they decided that  Qwor would not be register as a planet, because looking at these criteria, they would have to make some asteroids become planets. The history of the planet has inspired the name of the company. The company's founder says, "We wanted something new, something original, unconventional"


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