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  • Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej
    Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej
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    Hotel Ibis Style Mogilska Kraków
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    MOLecoLAB - Łódź
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    Andersia Silver - Poznań
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    Hotel Mercure Katowice City Center
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    Generation Park



Przemysl - construction of a footbridge

2015-09-01: By the river San in Przemysl, the building of footbridge for pedestrian and with cycle track has started some time ago. Therefore we started to obtain material from this realization.This footbridge consist of wood-steel construction and it's very similar to the footbridge which there is in Czorsztyn. Skanska company is general contractor of this investment.


Parzniewe - Time Lapse

2015-08-28: This time,we are starting with realization in Parzniew near Warsaw. Dynamic development of this region contributes to the further building investments. Of course Qwor has to be there.


Time Lapse of Brdowski Bridge.

2015-08-26: Brdowski Bridge was  inaugurated on August 26 thanks to the investment of the company MARS. Therefore was realised the idea of connecting the island with the city. We are very glad that we took part in this project and we made video souvenir for Szczecin city.


Gac Project – Time Lapse – The modernization of ZUK

2015-08-12: We've just finished work on the project in Gac near Wroclaw. The investment involved - modernization and extension of the waste management plant. Our task was to catch the stage of modernization, supply and montage of the production line. We used technique of the Time Lapse again. You can see this realisation Time Lapse in our portfolio.


Green Court Bucharest Building B

2015-08-03: Green Court Bucharest this is the first investment this type of Skanska company. Skanska company want to have documentation from this construction site in technique Time Lapse and therefore they've chosen Qwor again. Just now you can see how came into existence the second part of Green Court in Rumania.


Tchibo Manufacturing Poland

2015-07-22: More than ten months were awarded a full success! We've finished to obtain materials of this realisation without surprises. We've done a good job nonetheless  it was not easy  from the technical point of view. We invite you to watch the film from construction site - Time Lapse Tchibo in Marki near Warsaw.


Construction of the tunnel - Warsaw  Wawer

2015-07-01: This is the fifth our realisation for Strabag company. This time Strabag company will reconstruct the existing level crossing which will be replaced by a tunnel. There will be two underpasses for pedestrians, too. Of course, as earlier, this time too, Strabag company  assigned the performance of task the realisation of the film from this investment in Time Lapse technique, Qwor company.


Qwor in Romania for a longer time

2015-06-23: In Bucharest we are going to stay for a longer time. After realisation the film from Green Court (building A), the investor's decided to order Qwor the realisation of the another film even if it is in second part of The Europe. Because the most important is quality.


Panattoni Europe

2015-06-18: The object intended for UPS as the centre of transshipment. The location Strykow near Lodz. The general contractor: Skanska company. Our goal: The realisation of the film by use Time Lapse technique from really advanced already of investment. The fruits ;-) of our work - Panattoni Europe

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