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Inbud - Bielsko

2018-02-08: The film from the construction of the packaging factory in Wilkowice is available now. See how the Inbud Bielsko  company managed to perform  this task. The movie from construction site.



2018-01-08: We have finished the project in Krotoszyn. The effect of our over a year's work is already available in the Portfolio. We invite you to watch.


Segro Logistics Park

2017-12-19: At the end of the year, we are starting the last investment in 2017. This time we will make a construction film on the premises of Segro Logistics Park Strykow.


Estakada MS-6

2017-12-11: EThe MS-6 flyover of the S5 road is just ready. The entire investment was carried out by a consortium of Budimex SA and Strabag. Strabag was responsible for this particular episode. See in which way  these buildings are created in the time-lapse movie "Construction of MS-6"


Generation Park (stage 2)

2017-12-03: We will make a film from the next stage of Generation Park in Warsaw. A few days ago, thanks to sunny weather, we  was able to install  the necessary equipment. Vinci ™ systems will be responsible for acquiring material, while the online module will provide current preview in UltraHD quality (4k)


Akademeia High School

2017-11-08: Thel building of school is just  ready. The rooms are  filled with minds which are  open to all kinds of knowledge, so all that remains is only to invite you to watch the construction chronicle. So now you are  able to saw how was the Akademeia established in Wilanów.


DHL - LS Cargo Park

2017-10-31: The construction of the DHL terminal project at the LS Cargo Park in Warsaw has just finished.  The film  which we made for the needs of this investment is already available in our Portfolio


Megatransports - Amica

2017-09-25: This time, we took part  in the night transport through the city. There were 5 sets which each of them had  50 lenghts meters.The longerons had to reach on the construction site of the high storage warehouse - Amica. The film is already available in our Portfolio


Heavy Transport

2017-09-18: 3 days on the river 2 days on the road and several at the factory it self. So much time we spent on material for a film which shows the transport of a huge cylinder from Gdansk to Ciechanow. The culmination of the process was the installation of the "dryer" in the target site. The film from this project is already available in portfolio of Megatransports


Amica High Bay

2017-09-11: On 8 September, the official opening of the Amica High Bay Warehouse in Wronki took place. Height of over 46 meters and an area of 6.5 thousand square meters make it the highest warehouse in Poland and one of the highest in Europe. Are you curious how these constructions are created ? We invite you to the construction film which we have made from this investment of High Bay Warehouse


New Center of Lodz

2017-08-11: The construction of the New Center of Łodz took off. Two skyscrapers around which there is a green area which is  available to everyone . In this way the new investment is presented which is realized by Skanska Property. We invite everyone to follow the progress of their work thanks to our online camera


Creuzet Poland

2017-06-22: Creuzet Poland is the third company from the aviation industry for which we make a construction film. The factory is being built in the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park in Dworzysk. Construction works should end in the fourth quarter of this year.

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